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5813. Classics of SF Discussion: Robert A. Heinlein, Time for the Stars (1956)
Robert A. Heinlein, Time for the Stars (1956)

The Long Range Foundation starts looking for identical twins - because a very few have proved to be telepathic - and rigorous tests can't find that telepathy takes any time - so it looks promising for messages from starships traveling light-years away. The ships go. There are adventures. Eventually there are consequences - indirect ones - fruitful ones.

Moderator John Hertz will lead discussions of three Classics of Science Fiction panels at Loscon XLVIII, one discussion each. Come to as many as you like. You'll be welcome to join in.

Our operating definition is "A classic is a work that survives its own time. After the currents which might have sustained it have changed, it remains, and is seen to be worthwhile for itself." If you have a better definition, bring it.

Each of the three is famous in a different way. Each may be more interesting now than when first published. Have you read them? Have you re-read them?
John Hertz
SAT 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm, Los Angeles 1