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for: Larry Niven

Scheduled as of 2022-11-16 01:33:56

5748. Building Aliens for Fun and Profit
What are the characteristics of a fun, or scary, and profitable alien in books, video, or other media? Does plausibility help? From the fish-people of Margaret Cavendish's Blazing World to the alien of, well, Alien, what are some significant historical examples? Moderated by G. David Nordley.
Larry Niven, G. David Nordley, Gregory Benford, Tanya Huff, Tom Piedmont
FRI 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm, Pacific Coast 2

for: Larry Niven

5884. Autograph Session 2
Tanya Huff, Larry Niven
SAT 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm, Imperial A-B

5811. World building: How to Build a Believable World
This panel discussion will focus on the distinctive feature of genre literature: world-building. Wikipedia defines world-building as 'the process of constructing an imaginary world'. Come listen as sci-fi and fantasy creators discuss how they approach this all-important task. Moderated by Charles Lee Jackson, II.
Charles Lee Jackson II, Larry Niven, Todd J. McCaffrey, Larry Rosenthal
SAT 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm, California 2

5832. Do You Really Need to "Write What You Know"?
Many will tell you to "write what you know", but is this good advice? Moderated by Rebecca Inch-Partridge.
Barbara Hambly, Larry Niven, Tanya Huff, Rebecca Inch-Partridge, L. K. Ingino
SAT 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm, California 2

for: Larry Niven

5854. The Three Flaws of Robotics: Artificial vs. Organic Intelligence
A look at the rise of specific and general AIs and the ethical implications. Moderated by J. L. Doty.
David Brin, Larry Niven, Ashish Mahabal, J. L. Doty, Gregory Benford
SUN 11:30 am - 12:45 pm, Pacific Coast 5