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for: Jaymee Goh

Scheduled as of 2016-11-25 03:00:00

3718. People of Color Dinner
Meet other fans of color and celebrate infinite diversity in infinite forms together! Hostesses Isabel and Jaymee will make sure you don't feel alone on the big spaceship. Meet in the lobby and we'll head out to dinner together. Everyone pays for their own meal, so bring some money.
Isabel Schechter, Jaymee Goh
FRI 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Lobby

3723. Spec Fic Smut: Erotica in Science Fiction
The erotic and the speculative have come together in many ways, some camp, some deliberately hot and sexy! From Phil Foglio's XXXenophile comics, to indie webcomics like Oglaf and Chester 5000, to the popular Iron Circus Smut Peddler comics anthologies, and SFF erotica publisher Circlet Press, there is a wide variety of smutty science fiction and fantasy for all body types and multiple sexualities.
Jaymee Goh, Amelia G
FRI 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Chicago
Tech: projector, Microphone, I mean, not really, but it would be gr8 to have a projector

3770. Science Fiction Poetry
Speculative poetry is a rising professional field in our infinitely diverse genre! The Science Fiction Poetry Association elected Bryan Thao Worra as its new president; new markets have arisen offering professional rates for cutting-edge poetic forms; new stars are coming out of the poetry field exploring the speculative in what is a very experimental form. Find out more about where you can read such works and where the field might head into next!
Bryan Thao Worra, Jaymee Goh, Nikia Chaney
SAT 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm, Marquis 3
Tech: Microphone

3780. Love Is Real, True Buckaroos! The Chuck Tingle Panel
Chuck Tingle was a joke nomination for the Hugos, but his presence in self-publishing unabashedly explicit gay science fiction erotica with space dinosaurs, unicorns, and anthropomorphized issues of the day has taken the world by storm! Let's talk about the mysterious, quixotic figure that is Chuck Tingle, his audacious work, and how we all can help prove love is real like true buckaroos.
Mark Oshiro, Jaymee Goh, Martin Young
SAT 9:00 pm - 9:50 pm, Atlanta
Tech: Microphone

3802. Captain's Log, Stardate 16112527
A flash fiction writing exercise! Let's pretend we're on a 5-year mission to discover new worlds and write our star logs. Be inspired by each other! Writing materials will be provided.
Jaymee Goh
SUN 11:30 am - 12:45 pm, Philadelphia