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for: Debra Holland

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3714. A Primer on Worldbuilding
Authors of science fiction and fantasy discuss how they build the worlds in which their stories and characters live
David Gerrold, Larry Niven, Ken Burnside, Laura Frankos, Debra Holland, Eric Flint
FRI 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm, Atlanta

3828. Autographs
Dr. Gregory Benford, Debra Holland
SAT 11:30 am - 11:55 am, Dealers Hall

3801. The New Hybrid Author Model
Two highly successful authors, whose original successes came through self-publishing, and are now also traditionally-published, discuss the evolution of the new hybrid author model. With plenty of ups and downs, successes and failures, self-publishing has upended all of the traditional thinking regarding the writing and publishing paradigm, and to be successful, today's writer must be flexible and innovative.
J.L. Doty, Debra Holland
SUN 11:30 am - 12:45 pm, New Orleans